Birds of the Los Angeles River

Great Blue Heron - Sunnynook Footbridge over the L.A. River, Atwater Village - This is one of my favorite spots on the Los Angeles River. The scale of the footbridge is human and intimate, while it's height affords a great vantage point to see the natural beauty below.

Black-necked Stilt - Glendale Freeway over the L.A. River - Sometimes alone and sometimes in groups, these striking birds can be seen standing or walking while they feed themselves in the shallow water as it passes over the areas of the river channel that are paved flat with cement.

Double-Crested Cormorant - Glendale Narrows, L.A. River - I see these two each morning while passing under the Glendale Freeway on the LA River bike path. They stand on the same two rocks, motionless in the middle of the river with wings outstretched in the morning sun. I ring my bell as I pass.