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Limited Edition Prints and learning to be more direct.

Just do it.

It's been easy for me to tell other people that they should just do it. I have told creative friends (or any writer, musician, film maker, any artist of any kind) that now is the time to "take the bull by the horns!" Artists must develop ways to distribute their work directly, all while finding, engaging and developing the audience for their work. Because, the Internet.

Now it's my turn.

The time has come for me to "put something out there." That's what this is.

Coffee 2013

I have made 4 things. Specifically, I have made 4, hand pulled screen prints each measuring 8 x 10 inches and each printed in limited editions of 25. 



By the way, obvious or not, they all relate to coffee. It is a subject that I love and I have been learning about it more and more lately. I like thinking about coffee. I like things that remind me of coffee, and in turn, remind me to think about coffee, and thus remind me to be happy. 

Because, Coffee

Coffee helped me produce these prints but I don't expect their appeal is limited to just coffee-loving me, or even just to "coffee lovers", or just to "lovers of freedom" or "lovers of happiness" or, whatever. I don't really know how these will be received which is partly the point. (see the first paragraph "Just do it.") I hope you like them. I know not everyone will. I expect that someone will.


Hand-pulled silk screen prints (8x10) 

Gicleé Limited Edition Prints (18 x 24)

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