Outside The Lines

Outside The Lines is self-described as "an artists' coloring book for giant imaginations" and I immediately became a fan just from looking at the cover art (by Steven Harrington) and the stellar list of contributing artists.

When the book's creator Souris Hong-Porretta contacted me to contribute something for the second volume of Outside The Lines I was really thrilled. I replied yes right away and produced the drawing you see below. 

I am such a huge fan of coloring (and coloring books, coloring posters) but I had never made an image expressly for the purpose of being colored in by others. Having done so now, I can attest to the fact that it is really fun and I plan on making more drawings like this.

If you want to color this picture in but can't wait for the next Outside The Lines book to arrive you're going to be ok. Just click on the image to view it full-size, download it, and then print out your own copy. Don't forget to share your results and tag them. I know you know how to do that and I am sure you have some really great tags to add (#taggedforlikes #followMeIfollowBack) but if you're not sure, (maybe the coloring experience has you feeling so fulfilled that you are now exhausted) just tag it #outsidethelines and if you feel like you and I have really experienced a colorized-line-drawing-mind-meld (first, know that I also felt that and it was really good THANKS SO MUCH) tag it #joryfelice and know that #WeDidThisTogether. XOOO!